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Reload Jenkins job configuration from command line without restart

     Hi, Today in this article I will explain Jenkins config reload by command line without interrupting running jobs.     Jenkins caches configurations while it starts to first run. If you change config files during Jenkins run, no change will be applied because still it will be reading from cache. So we need to reload configration […]

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What is rsync ?

    Rsync is a powerful synchronization tool that is written in C language. It works both for Unix and Windows systems. It is used for sync 2 paths as “source path” and “destination path“. Especially for huge number of files, it is very very useful tool to save your time and make your work easier. Let’s […]

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Python Encapsulation

What is encapsulation in a nutshell?     In Object Oriented Programming, sometimes we need to put some restrictions. We may have some variable that we don’t want to change its value but there is possibility that we can change into the code by mistake.      With using Encapsulation, we can prevent this risk. Usage:      To […]

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Bash Exercise 1 – Categorize Extensions

Hello, just assume that you have bunch of files like below and you want to categorize these files by extensions. ( I have created these files with touch command to have a few files with extensions. If you realize, all of file size are 0) Task; If file extension is .mp3            […]

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Create a Sample Job in Jenkins

    After having basic knowledge about Jenkins, let’s make a very simple example to see how it works in practice. Prerequisites; Python 3.7.x version     Scenario -> Create a Jenkins job that you can create a folder or a text file with a given spesific name. 1.)    Go to main page of […]

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What is Jenkins? Why to Use?

      Jenkins is an open-source CI/CD tool (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment). It is developed with Java and it’s a cross-platform tool.(Linux/Windows/Mac OS X) .     Jenkins is NOT a compiler that compiles your code or it is NOT used to that you write your test cases on it. But you can trigger your […]

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Jenkins Installation and Run

    In this article you will learn how to install and run Jenkins on local PC. The article will continue based on Windows machine but the same logic goes for Linux Machines. You just need to apply the same steps.     Prerequisites;   1.) Java installed machine   2.) jenkins.war file.   Steps; […]

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